We will create awareness in a number of ways and using different tools:


By providing free educational material about peace, justice and security through partnerships with organisations, to impoverished and displaced children and communities including those affected by war; and creating interactive educational centres in different regions around the world, the Foundation will bring information about global issues to local people.  Using interactive visual images and real life interactive activities will help not only deliver the information, but also help communities understand and remember the different issues being raised, how it affects them and what they can do to change behaviour for positive change.  By involving schools, higher educational institutions, member of the general public and partnering with local grass roots organisations, awareness about issues of concern to humanity will be not only inclusive but also far reaching.


By using educational materials – the power of books, film, music, sports, publications, and storytelling/animation, for example – we can generate a new stream of consciousness, reach and engage a wider audience, stimulate a more inclusive dialogue, enrich the lives of our fellows and call for action.  When we are aware, we also have a duty to act.  As a connected global society, we no longer have the privilege to learn or act in isolation, to bring change, educating for change must be inclusive, include youth and uniform because whatever happens in any part of the world, affects us all as a global community.


The Gala will assemble celebrities and personalities representing different parts of the world from genres such as film, music, sports, business, and international justice, international organisations, politics, civil society and local communities etc. to celebrate and promote the theme of peace, justice and security.   Celebrities attract media coverage and media reports in return will create awareness.


While we strive to create awareness, we must also keep inclusive dialogue and discussions on-going. With a mix of institutions, activists working at the grass roots level and youth, we will engage in on-going discussions on how to achieve concrete results for sustainable development goals.