Proceeds from the 2016 Gala will be used to kickstart our Books for Schools project and supply educational material to schools offering free education to disadvantaged children. Thanks to Read to Grow and our social media supporters, we have managed to raise almost 10,000 books so far!

Part of it is going to Laker International School in Kitgum, Northern Uganda which provides free education to disadvantaged children including refugee children from neighbouring countries – Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and South Sudan. The other part of the books will go to Écoles Des Infirmes InSolaAfrica, a school in Cameroon also providing free education to children in Kribi. Our partner, A E Ramassa FC will be playing a number of football games in Cameroon this April to raise awareness about Peace, Justice and Security and visit the Écoles Des Infirmes InSolaAfrica.

The Foundation’s ultimate goal is to establish its first Interactive Education Centre and continue to provide learning materials to schools in conflict or post-conflict situations. The Foundation hopes to have its first centre in Uganda with an eye towards developing a model for future such centres in other geographical areas. Other possibilities that are under discussion include an education centre in Guatemala and an education centre in the former Yugoslavia. In each case, key local partners would be identified to help bring this project to life and make them as efficient and user-friendly as possible.