One of the events envisaged by the Foundation is an annual Peace, Justice and Security Gala to be hosted in The Hague to start with and once established, it will be hosted in different continents around the world to bring awareness closer to the people.


The gala is planned as a large event attracting a distinguished range of participants to raise awareness and promote the noble cause of peace, justice and security. The gala will raise money to: help provide free educational material about peace, justice and security through partnerships with organisations, to impoverished and displaced children and communities including those affected by war.


The gala will also raise money to  create regional interactive educational centres around the world – one region at a time – to increase audience engagement, aid discovery, explanation and interpretation of peace, justice and security. These centres will exhibit material on various issues for example: the evolution of international criminal justice from Nuremberg to The Hague; human rights; conflict resolution; cyber safety and security; gender mainstreaming; sustainable living; localised justice and will end with interactive role play aimed at a peaceful solution.


The Gala will assemble international and Dutch celebrities and personalities from genres such as film, music, sports, business, and international justice, international organisations, politics, civil society and local communities etc. to celebrate and promote the theme of peace, justice and security.


Within the margins of the first event, the Foundation will host an informed discussion on concrete steps towards achieving UN Sustainable Development Global Goal (SDG) 16 – Peace and Justice – and the wider Agenda for 2030 Sustainable Development.


The 2016 Peace, Justice and Security Gala took place on the 5th September in The Hague.


The Foundation would like to thank its Advisory Board member Prof. Mary Aiken for her generous donation in the name of her new book “the Cyber Effect” which highlights important issues such as child protection in cyber contexts.

Thank you to our partners for the 2016 Gala:

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