One of the events envisaged by the Foundation is an annual Peace, Justice and Security Gala to be hosted in The Hague. Planned as a large event attracting a distinguished range of participants to raise awareness and promote the noble cause of peace, justice and security, and raise funds to be used towards the goals of the Foundation. One of the goals is to partner with organisations working on the ground directly with victims and affected communities.

The Gala would assemble international and Dutch celebrities and personalities from genres such as film, music, sports, business, and international justice, international organisations, politics, civil society and local communities etc. to celebrate and promote the theme of peace, justice and security from the city of peace, justice and security.

Within the margins of the first event, the Foundation will host an informed discussion on concrete steps towards achieving UN Sustainable Development Global Goal (SDG) 16 – Peace and Justice – and the wider Agenda for 2030 Sustainable Development.

With the Gala, the Foundation would like to also zero in on issues which affect children. Institutions in The Hague that deal with matters of great concern to humanity and the impact of these issues on children in particular, cannot be ignored. Most times, conflict unnecessarily robes children of their lives. The children who survive are often traumatised for life. It is therefore paramount that we keep a constant spotlight on the plight of children. As an important step to breaking the cycle of violence, this should include the development of educational materials with children in mind to support the education process, by reaching out to and teaching children from a very young age. The Foundation hopes to highlight issues which affect children in partnership with other stakeholders.

Once established in The Hague, the Foundation plans to travel the Gala to other regions of the world to help further promote peace, justice and security.