We believe it is important that we keep a constant spotlight on the plight of children in conflict and how it affects them, But more importantly, to help change mindsets and as a crucial step in breaking the cycle of violence, we should also include the development of educational materials with children in mind to support the education process, by reaching out to and teaching them from a very young age.



Proceeds from the 2016 gala will be used to kick-start the Foundation’s Books for Schools Project and supply education material to schools offering free education to disadvantaged children. So far we have raised almost 10,000 books. Part of it is going to Laker International School in Kitgum, Northern Uganda: which provides free education to disadvantaged children including refugee children from neighbouring countries – Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and South Sudan. The rest of the books will go to Ecoles Des Infirmes InSolaAfrica, a school in Cameroon also providing free education to children in Kribi.